Business Developer Software & Telecom 业务开发(BD)- 软件、通信行业

Semcon China is now looking for talented people to support us and our global customers with excellent service within product information in the Telecom & Software industries. Semcon中国现在正在寻找人才,以帮助我们在通信、软件行业的产品信息(技术文档)为我们和我们的全球客户提供卓越的服务。

Semcon Product Information China is currently looking for a Team Leader with experience in business development to be located in Shanghai. Semcon 中国目前正在寻找一位具有业务拓展(BD)经验的负责人,岗位在上海。

Business Development 业务拓展

  • Contribute to the China operation’s strategic planning and business objectives work.有效服务中国业务的战略规划和业务目标。
  • Break down and deliver on team financial planning and business objectives. 分解并实现团队财务规划和业务目标。
  • Establish, maintain and develop strong long-term customer relations.建立、维护和发展长期的客户关系。
  • Perform business development activities in the selected sectors (SW and Telecom) to promote and sell Semcon Product Information complete service offerings.在优先的软件和通信行业开展业务拓展活动,推广和销售Semcon产品信息(技术文档)。
  • Together with the country manager, develop quotations as a response to RFQs, including creating project plans and setting price strategies.与中国区经理一起分析RFQ,制定方案 ,包括制定项目计划和价格策略。
  • Work in a structured business development approach for systematic lead generation to effectively increase business opportunities. 采用结构化的业务拓展方法,生成潜在客户及有效的业务机会。
  •  Effectively combine the knowledge of market, customer needs and Semcon offerings to develop value propositions for a sustainable business and best customer satisfaction. 有效地将市场理解、客户需求和 Semcon的产品(服务)结合起来,实现可持续的业务和客户满意度。
  • Provide business updates to management and sales pipeline updates via CRM.通过CRM 管理和维护客户信息和业务机会。


Professional experience and requirements 职业经验和要求

  • Master or Bachelor degree in business or technical fields, such as information engineering, telecom, computer science, software, etc.商业或技术领域的硕士或学士学位,如信息工程、通信、计算机科学、软件等。
  • Proven leadership and business development (management) experience and a solid understanding of telecom & software documentation, preferably within a service provider. 成熟的领导和业务拓展(管理)经验以及对通信和软件文档的深刻理解,最好是服务咨询行业。
  • 5 years+ experience in B2B sales & business development within software or telecom industries. 5年以上的软件或通信行业B2B 销售&业务开拓展的经验。
  • Experience in business development discussions, contract negotiations, account planning, and short- and long-term opportunity identification. 在业务讨论、合同谈判、客户规划以及短期和长期机会识别方面的有很好的理解。
  • Preferably possess a customer network and key customer relationships in relevant market sectors. 最好在相关市场领域拥有客户网络和关系。
  • Ability to participate in meetings with different key stakeholders from our international teams in Europe. 能够独立参与和欧洲同事的国际会议。
  • Ability to take initiative and act independently in a self-directed manner. A goal and result-oriented mindset. 能够自我驱动,以目标和结果为导向的工作方式。
  • Knowledge and experience in aftersales and product information services from an international organization is a plus. 国际化公司在售后和产品信息(技术文档)服务方面的知识和经验者优先考虑。
  • Effective communication skills. 有效的沟通能力。
  • Excellent English and Chinese skills both in writing and speaking. 优秀的中英文写作和口语能力。




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